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Online 24/7

Access via our secure online platform called 'The Strategy Hub'.

Available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


An array of tools to make the strategy identification and analysis easy and efficient. Produce client specific checklists and understanding guides, educate clients through your own branded client education portal and see your strategy potential via the Strategy Dashboard.


Keep up to date with our of online, live and face-to-face events throughout the year. You can access recordings of training wherever and whenever suits you via our online Hub.

Our fully searchable KnowledgeHub & Strategy guides will help put you in the right direction.


We are there to help when you need it most.

We offer unlimited support via our helpdesk. Our Build members also have unlimited one-on-one Strategy Sessions to work through client scenarios, pricing questions or even digital marketing and automation support.

If you need more structured support we also offer a selection of additional Consulting projects for complex scenarios & even in-house Team training and accountability.

platform features

Useful tools
Training hours
Strategy guides
Education videos
Years experience
The Strategy Finder
Identify strategy opportunities with ease in less than 30 minutes using Australia's very first SMSF Strategy analytical tool.

The Strategy Finder will produce a comprehensive Adivser Guide to help you to work through all of the strategies.

Available Now
Strategy Dashboard
A visual tool to represent the findings from The Strategy Finder.

Easily see at a glance what strategies to consider.

Available Now - Build Members Only
CGT relief analysis tool
Determine eligibility & model the impact of future ECPI & Asset value movements on CGT relief options.

The CGT relief analysis tool prepares a document called "Understanding the CGT relief" which is designed to educate your client and engage with them on the decisions to be made for the Transitional CGT relief.

Available Now
mySMSFjourney - Client Education Portal
A white label, branded client education portal for your SMSF trustees.

Educate and engage with your SMSF trustees 24/7 online through more than 80 short and concise education videos on all topics to do with their SMSF.

Featuring a 'call to action' link, the mySMSFjourney client education portal will help to generate more SMSF strategy revenue for your firm.

Available Now - Build Members Only
Control of Fund
The #1 must do strategy for EVERY SMSF member.

The Control of Fund tool will assist in building the strategy and putting together the advice that every member needs.

Available Now
SMSF AGM Checklist
Prepares a client specific checklist of discussion points for your SMSF AGM meeting.

Release date March 2018
SMSF Estate Planning tool
Work through the requirements for your SMSF Member estate plan - what do they want, what is allowed, what will be the impact on TBC and account balances and should there be binding documentation in place.

The SMSF Estate Planning tool prepares a document called "Understanding Protect Your Family" which is designed to educate your client and engage with them on the decisions to be made for their SMSF Estate plan.

Release date March 2018
SMSF Protect Yourself - Incapacity tool
This tool will take you through the options for incapacity planning.

Identify the issues, know what can be done and prepare a client education paper "Understanding Protect Yourself - what if something goes wrong."

Release date April 2018
Pension & TBA tool
This tool will assist in identifying the options and issues with your pension clients and managing their Transfer Balance Accounts.

The Pension & TBA tool will assist in educating the clients on their options and what documentation is required to effectively implement.

Release date April 2018
SMSF Year End Planning tool
Prepares a client specific checklist of the requirements for year end under the Must Do, Should Do & Could Do options.

Release date April 2018
SMSF Property Structuring tool
This tool will help you to identify suggested options for structuring the SMSF property ownership.

A client education guide is prepared which outlines the different property structures and gives an indication of the pros/cons for the options available.

Release date May 2018
Fee Calculator
This tool will take you through our value articulation model to help identify the benefits of your strategy advice project.

A Value Articulation Report is produced which gives you a range of suggested fees for the strategy project.

Release date June 2018
Client Engager
This tool will help you to prepare an engagement document for a strategic advice project.

You can use the document as is, or extract the relevant paragraphs for use with your practice engagement software.

Release date June 2018
Training - Strategy Guides
Our fully searchable KnowledgeHub & strategy guides will point you in the right direction.

Available Now
Training - Strategy & Technical Webinars
Live bi-monthly training webinars looking at a latest strategy.

Strategy & Technical Webinars alternate with our SMSF Update webinars. The webinars are held LIVE on the second Friday of each month.

Available Now
Training - SMSF Update Webinars
The LIVE SMSF Update webinars are held bi-monthly and alternate with our Strategy & Technical Training webinars. They are designed to provide you with latest updates on what is happening in the SMSF space, including latest from the ATO, case law and other industry updates.

Webinars are held on the second Friday of each month.

Available Now
Training Vault
We have more than 26 hours of recorded training which is accessible whenever and wherever is most suitable for you.
Available Now
Training - Annual SMSF Workshops
These are live face-to-face events held around Australia. Out next events will be held in May/June 2018.

Discounted pricing for Members.

May / June 2018
Support - Unlimited helpdesk
Have a problem or question, simply log a support request via our online helpdesk and one of our team will come back to you within 24 hours.
Available Now
Support - Unlimited Strategy Sessions
Our one-on-one Strategy Sessions are available to our Build members only.

Have a technical question, want to run a Client Scenario past us, or perhaps need some help with Pricing your advice project or even Digital marketing and automation help... simply book a session directly in our calendars for a time that suits you.

Available Now - Build members only
Support - Kickstart Onboarding Session
Available exclusively to our Build members.

The Kickstart Onboarding session will help you and your team focus on the quick wins and how to best utilise The Strategy Hub tools, training and support.

Available Now - Build members only
Support - Complex Client Scenario consulting
If you need more one on one help with a complex client scenario, then we offer a paid ad-hoc consulting service.

Available Now
Support - Digital Marketing & Automation
Need more assistance with your digital marketing or automation systems. We offer a range of consulting options based on your needs.
Available Now
Support - In-house Team Training
We can bring our training to your office.

We have a range of 1/2 day, Full day and 2 day training programs. If you want to train your entire team in your office location contact us and we will put together a suitable training program.

This is an additional cost.

Available Now

Choose the perfect plan

We offer two Membership Plans to suit any size firm.

For a full list of features please refer to our Feature Comparison page.

Find PLUS+ Plan

Access for 1 user & unlimited SMSFs
$ 330 / Per month
  • Strategy Dashboard
  • CGT Relief Analysis Tool
  • Control of Fund
  • Strategy Guides
  • Technical KnowledgeHub
  • Training Vault
  • SMSF AGM Checklist (March 2018)
  • SMSF Estate Planning Tool (March 2018)
  • SMSF Protect Yourself - Incapacity (April 2018)
  • Pension & TBA Tool (April 2018)
  • SMSF Year End Planning Tool (April 2018)
  • SMSF Property Structuring Tool (May 2018)
  • Fee Calculator (June 2018)
  • Client Engager (June 2018)
One user

Build Plan

Unlimited Access for 2 users & unlimited SMSFs
$ 550 / Per month
  • Everything in FIND PLUS+, and:
  • 'mySMSFjourney' Client Education Portal

    (once off set up fee applies)

  • Unlimited one-on-one Strategy Sessions
  • One-on-one Kickstart Onboarding Sessions
Two Users

Frequently asked questions

Our FIND membership is suited to those firms who are wanting to offer strategic advice to clients on a more systemised and structured basis or firms who only have a small number of SMSF clients.

With unlimited access to The Strategy Finder our FIND members are well equipped to find those strategic opportunities within their client base.

Our BUILD membership is suited to those firms who are 'doing' firms and really want to focus on providing more strategic advice to their SMSF clients.  

With unlimited access to all tools, online training and one-on-one 'Strategy Sessions', our BUILD members have all the support to make strategy advice easy and profitable.

We don't believe in lock-in contracts.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at any time.

Upgrades are effective right away with a pro-rata membership applied.

Downgrades or cancellations take effect at the next renewal date.

No, we are not a legal documentation provider.  

Our member firms use their preferred documentation supplier.

At The Strategy Hub we focus on the 'front-end' of strategy advice.  Most other providers have more of an implementation focus, that is provision of documentation services which come into play once advice has been provided and the client has accepted that advice.

We focus on the identification and building of the strategic advice, what options should be considered and how should the strategy be put together to provide the best outcome.  The advice and implementation comes after that.

The team behind The Strategy Hub come from a background of accounting and financial advice.  We have 20 years experience in the SMSF space, running our own accounting and financial advice business.  We know what it takes to provide SMSF strategic advice and the many challenges that firms face every day.

Check out About Us to find out more.

We work exclusively with accounting and financial planning businesses.  

As part of our specialised services we provide SMSF Technical consulting on an ad hoc basis.  We help our Member firms with all types of SMSF technical and strategy advice for their client scenarios.

No, we do not provide SOA production services.

Yes, we can help with your Marketing Automation.  Our Member firms have access to consulting services.

No, we do not provide licencing services.

what OTHERS have to say

"Tracey is a brilliant speaker, trainer and real rubber meets the road SMSF expert. I recently used one of her training webinars to train my entire SMSF team on Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements. Great material, easy to understand, very practical and of course great value!"
Christian Borkowski
CEO Prime Advisory (Sydney)
"We recently charged one of our highest value pricing jobs to date and although we have had input and support from numerous mentors along our journey, Tracey Besters stands out as one of those genuine implementers who practices what she preaches. Tracey was definitely one of those that encouraged us to grow our accounting business to the next level."
Ray Taggart
Taggart & Partners (Brisbane)

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